Noah Soccer Signing
Senior Noah Werts Signs to Play Soccer at Concordia
LHSKC Senior Noah Werts has made the decision to be a Bulldog in the fall. He will play soccer at Concordia University, Nebraska.
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Carol Lynn Chartier
Carol Lynn Chartier is Accepted into the MFAA
Lutheran High Sophomore Carol Lynn Chartier was recently accepted into the 2017 Missouri Fine Arts Academy.
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Haley Signing
LHSKC Senior Haley Reifsteck to Play Volleyball at Bethany
Haley Reifsteck signed to Play Volleyball at Bethany College in Lindsborg, KS at a signing ceremony on March 8th.
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Dr. StelmachowiczChrist is Risen!

LHSKC---the place to be---

I have often been asked if a Lutheran High School experience is worth the cost of the education.  Some have mentioned to me that they “can’t afford it.”  My response has always been “I can’t afford not to” because of the unbelievable opportunities afforded within a Christ-centered atmosphere.

Why Lutheran High?  I will try and categorize the opportunities a student has at LHSKC

  • A Christ-centered culture is here. I guess for me and my family a Lutheran High School education has made all the difference in the upbringing of our children.  The Gospel every day impacted our children’s lives.   But besides the obvious reasons of chapel and religion classes, there is the influence of Christian teachers who role model, advise, and support the students in and out of the classroom.  Families with similar values surround the students with love and care and assist in the framework of a Christian community.  

  • Academic excellence is here.  Lutheran High can boast a National Merit Finalist each of the last two years which is very rare for a school our size.  Students receive multiple scholarship opportunities for higher education and are well-prepared once they arrive.

  1. 20% of students who took the ACT in 2016 scored a 30 or higher;

  2. Academic variety exists and continues to expand.  Creative new courses in coding and shop are on the horizon;

  3. Robotics co-curricular opportunities will soon be available;

  4. Online courses, blended courses, and internships are available;

  5. Winterim—you just have to experience it!

  6. Academic Team District Champion 2017. 

  • Sports participation is here.  A high percentage of our students participate in sports and get to experience the joys of winning and the frustration of losing.  Lifelong lessons are learned in the area of athletics.

  1. Cross Country Boys 2nd in State and Girls 4th in state 2016;

  2. Individual Missouri state track champion in three of the last four years;

  3. Missouri Final Four Girls Soccer Team 2014;

  4. State ranked girls’ volleyball team every year. 

  • High School involvement is here.  Multiple clubs exist in order for students to belong to a group with a similar mindset.  Student council opportunities abound, drama includes students both onstage and off, volunteerism for auctions, games, community events, and other supportive activities fill the calendar for most students at LHSKC.  Student participation is essential to the success of the high school as well as the personal growth of the individual.

Did I forget to mention that we have fun in the midst of all this activity?  The high school years can be stressful and anxiety filled or they can be filled with opportunities to succeed and grow academically, socially, physically, and most importantly, spiritually.

LHSKC. . . Check it out . . .it is a very special place.

                                                                                         Dr. Cary Stelmachowicz