Open House 2019
Lutheran High School To Host Open House
The Lutheran High School of Kansas City is hosting an Open Hours on Saturday, March 30, 2019 from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm.
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Placement Test Post Card
Lutheran High School Announces Test Dates
The Lutheran High School of Kansas City will hold placement testing for incoming Freshman on Saturday, January 26th and Saturday, February 23rd.
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Florida Trip
Lutheran High School Students Take a Winterim Trip to Florida
Daily Blogs- Adventures from the Freshwater Ecology Winterim class- Crystal River, FL. Written by the students with some additions from Mrs. Hizer - Final Day
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"I instruct you in the way of wisdom and lead you along straight paths." Proverbs 4:11

Cary StelmahowiczTeaching and learning are fascinating subjects to research and ponder.  No matter what the discipline, learned instructors are faced with the task of motivating children to reach their peaks of intellectual prowess.  This never ending process begins each fall and ends each spring in a multitude of graduations and dreams (often times deferred).  Educators renew, refurbish, replenish, and resurrect ideas from the past and present them as the newest gloss on polished pieces of antiquity.  Teachers labor and inspire, work feverishly, and retire.  There may be no rhyme or reason to this season of education, but we continue to forge ahead in an attempt to reach a future that has always eluded us.  There is no perfect way, or perfect path to success, only theories and effort in the loneliness of pursuit. 

Do you even remember who your sophomore English teacher was?

For all those who teach here at LHS and with all apologies to Percy Shelley…… is

Ode to the High School Writer

O, Wild, Whiny Writers, thou breath of August heat,
Visible presence negates the plan over time
Of teachers, like vultures devour dead meat.

Sardonic, sarcastic, satiric and sublime
Revengeful masses: O, why dost thou revile
The very nature of learning with dread?

Words rich in meaning and in style,
Each like a seed within the ground, they
Lie dormant in the mind. All the while

Excuses flow incessantly from pens today
Killing sprouting voices who could unite
In dazzling forms and distinct array

Writers, distracted by screens in the room
Awake and hear my pleas;  Write, O, Write! 


Thou on whose pulse the future rests
Rise up like oaks from beneath the verge.
Shake free from earthly desires and invest

Talents of waning generations, and purge
Black visages of delusionary gain,
While reading and yearning soon to surge

From a mediocrity malaise and bland retort
To rhetorical response and logical lens.
Shake the heavens and majestically abort

Trending tremors of dismal horizons,
Germinate, develop, read and prepare
Words, phrases with radiant sentences

To ascend the highest height.  Writer beware,
When opportunity knocks, will you be there?

                                                                                         Dr. Cary Stelmachowicz