Theme Verse 18-19
2 Timothy 4:12 Has Been Selected as Lutheran High's Theme Verse for the 2018-19 School Year
Lutheran High School has selected 2 Timothy 4:12 as its Theme Verse for the 2018-2019 School Year. The verse written by St. Paul to Timothy reads "Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity.”
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Spain Trip
Eight Lutheran High Students and Teacher Take a 10-Day trip to Spain
On Monday, June 4th LHS Spanish Teacher Emily Meier and 8 of her Advanced Spanish students left Kansas City for a 10-day trip to Spain. On the trip the group plans to visit a number of cities including Barcelona, Valencia, Granada, Costa del Sol, and Madrid.
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Christien Robins
Lutheran High School Knights Shine at State
Lutheran High School of Kansas City came into the Class 1 State Championships with high expectations. Both the boys and girls teams were coming off of District Team Championships and a great showing at Sectionals the week before. In all, 15 students qualified for state in one or more events
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"Run to win the race." 1st Corinthians 9:24

The Place. Jefferson City, Missouri. 11:39 a.m., Saturday, November 3rd.Cary Stelmahowicz

The unofficial scoreboard read Lutheran KC 86 Oak Ridge 102.  I was standing near the finish line amongst a mass of humanity, none of whom were adorned in the revered maroon and gold.  Only a few runners remained on the course as the bedlam which epitomizes a state cross country championship race ensued.  Did we win?  Had our boys captured the first ever team state championship?  Race officials were attending fallen runners who were sprawled everywhere.  I walked around waiting for someone, anyone, to confirm what my eyes had just read.   I checked the scoreboard again.  We were still in first!  I could not find anyone who could verify or validate the results.   The crowd continued to encourage the final runners, but I needed an answer.  The maddening thought of yelling victory entered my brain.  But I was concerned that a foolish outcry before results were “officialized” might superstitiously endanger the final outcome.  The whole scene felt surreal.  It was if I was in the middle of an Edgar Allan Poe short story or standing next to William Shatner in a Twilight Zone episode.

Finally, I encountered assistant coach Kurt Hinrichs and queried “Did we just win this thing?”  Much to my chagrin, he muttered “It’s possible, but I’m not sure.”  So who did know?  I could not find Coach Gibson or any of our runners.  The electronic scoreboard still read LHS #1.  Finally, after an exhaustingly long period of time, I heard distant screams from the Knight faithful.  It was official!  Victory was ours!!  The 39 year wait for a team state championship had ended.  The Knights were Missouri State Champions  for 2018.  I congratulated those I could find and rejoiced with those who had dedicated years of hard work for this prize.   But, oh my, the fun had just begun.

Within the hour, I was back on the course to watch the Lady Knights run their State Championship Race.  I viewed the start of the competition and then hustled over to “The Hill” where many a runner hit the wall of pain as bodies broke down and paces disintegrated.  Our girls seemed to be running well.  I watched our first five ascend the hill and encouraged them to “finish strong, we can do this”.  I worried somewhat about freshman Rachel Ada since her face was flushed red and her gait fairly uneven.   She still had a half mile to go.  I semi-sprinted (all I’ve got left these days) to the finish line.   Abigail Allred finishes 6th, Lauren Ada 10th, Madison Chiappetta 17th, Reese Pohlman 26th, and the red-faced Ada 27th  The ever changing scoreboard first read Lutheran KC 40 Blue Eye 40.   But as the scores kept changing, the news got better and better, until the final tally read Lutheran KC 60 Blue Eye 73.  Since I had quickly become a seasoned veteran of the unofficial scoreboard watch, I was confident of victory.  12:55 p.m. Wow!  A sweep for LHSKC!

39 years, no team State Championships.  One hour and twenty minutes and two races later, two State Championships.  Congrats to all the runners, to Coach Daniel Gibson, and to retired coach Bud Yazel who began this fabulous culture of running resulting in two state championships.

To God be the Glory!

                                                                                         Dr. Cary Stelmachowicz