Advanced Chemistry
Below you will find the topics and schedule for readings.  The students can find all assignments, readings, and materials in the google classroom.  An invitation was send to the students school email to sign up for the account.

Unit 7: Atomic Structure/Periodicity

Date Topic Readings 
 3/24 Electromagnetic Radiation/The Nature of Matter p. 252-260  
 3/26 The Atomic Spectrum of Hydrogen/The Bohr Model p. 260-265   
 3/30 The Quantum Mechanical Model of the Atom  p. 266-269  
 3/31 Quantum Numbers/Orbital Shapes and Energies  p. 269-273  
 4/2 Electron Spin and Pauli Principle/Polyelectronic Atoms  p. 273-275   
 4/6  The History of Periodic Table p. 276-277  
 4/7 The Aufbau Principle/Periodic Trends in Atomic Properties p. 278-291   
 4/9 The Alkali Metals/Review p. 291-296  
 4/14  Exam TBD