Karl Birnstein Memorial Golf Outing

Toournament Champions 2017

Thanks to everyone who participated in the 2017 Karl Birnstein Memorial Golf Tournament. This year's winner was Team #1 - Dr. Cary Stelmachowicz, Dan Klatt, Brandon Marolf, and Chuck Hays. We hope you can all join us for next year's event!

Tournament Results

1st Place - (-18) Klatt, Stelmachowicz, Marolf, Hays
2nd Place – (-15)  Jenkins, Lane, Terry, Mayer
3rd Place – (-13) Wheeler, Stork, Schnakenberg, Wheeler
3rd place – (-13) Hinrichs, King, Ramsay, Savage
5th Place - (-11) Schneider, Jewell, Waechter, Schneider
6th Place - (-10) Rindt, Rindt, Mathewson, Horn
7th Place -  (-8) Miller, Anderson, Kern, Ludwig
7th Place - (-8) Miller, Miller, Homan, Zvacek
7th Place - (-8) Arnold, Czamanske, Henrichs, Sperl
8th Place - (-6) Schultz, Bremer, Levan, Kreissler
11th Place - (-5) Denny Smith Group
12th Place - (-1) Hizer, Hizer, Tanner, Koenig
13th Place – (+3) Wolff, Goeglein, O’ Hara
114h Place – (+5) Homan, Latham, Latham, Latham