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March 25th Devotion from Applied Christianity

March 25th Devotion from Applied Christianity
Posted on 03/25/2020
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During this "Stay at Home" Period, the Lutheran High School of Kansas City's Applied Christianity Class will periodically post devotions for you to use during your personal or family Bible time. The devotion for March 25th was written by LHS Senior Julian Peterson. It is our hope that these devotions help you find hope and comfort during these trying times.

A Time to Wait in Prayer

Most of us are familiar with the Israelites’ victory at the battle of Jericho, but do you know what happened after that? Joshua attempted to take the city of Ai, and 36 Israelites died in battle before their army retreated in fear. Why, Joshua wondered, would the Lord do this to them (Josh. 7:7-9)? Apparently, he was unaware of two problems. First, an Israelite disobeyed when he took forbidden plunder after Jericho fell. Second, God did not initiate the battle; Joshua had been persuaded by his own advisors. Because Joshua failed to seek heavenly counsel, he didn’t know about the Israelite’s crime until it was too late. After the wrongdoer was put to death, Joshua waited for God’s cue to take Ai. Then, and only then, was the Hebrew army successful (Josh. 8:1-25). Can you see yourself making a mistake similar to Joshua’s— that is, trying to handle a situation in your own strength? It’s easier than we think when sin skews our thinking and hinders our communication with the heavenly Father. Let’s each examine our heart earnestly, confess any sin, ask God to lead us, and then wait for Him. Remember, His guidance is always better than our own. This battle shows that no matter the situation, we must understand Christ will always be with us.


Dear Heavenly Father,

 As we rise to meet each new day, please let us be filled with Your spirit. Wherever we go, let us spread love, joy, peace, goodness, and faithfulness. Let us desire to become more like you and to worship you in all we do. Help us desire these things so much more than the sin that entices us. Thank you for always going before us. Lord, in times of need, you are always there. We ask that you continue to be with Eli Ransburg, Miss. Mikeska’s mother Suzan, and Mrs. Meier’s sister Barbara Wollberg. We ask that you bless the Gloe family and continue to be with KC Gloe through the next few months as his cancer surgery will soon be upon him, and please be with everyone affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.