Beginning Drawing and Painting

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Dear Parents and Students:

Welcome to Beginning Drawing & Painting. With your cooperation we will work together to provide the best possible learning environment in which the student is successful.

Course Description:

This course emphasizes drawing and painting techniques and media and application of the elements of color, line, form, shape, space, texture and value to good design and composition. Experimentation with a variety of materials will be encouraged. Subject matter will include landscape, still life, portrait/figure and abstracts. Students will be exposed to professional masters' work and learn fundamentals of art criticism and evaluation. 

Beginning Course Syllabus

Beginning Sketchbook Topics:

  1. What is art?
  2. Draw 3 keys
  3. Draw three leaves and shade 1
  4. What is Cubism?
  5. Who determines what is art?
  6. Create a new license plate
  7. Draw and shade a cell phone
  8. Draw and shade something that is your favorite color
  9. Draw and shade a pencil and separate eraser
  10. Free Draw
  11. Draw and shade three things that come from eggs
  12. Draw and shade something that floats
  13. What is Pop Art?
  14. Draw and shade a masked person
  15. Draw and shade an ornament
  16. Draw and shade the inside of your room
  17. Draw and shade a school desk
  18. What is impressionism?
  19. Draw and shade a piece of pizza
  20. Draw and shade a plant
  21. Free Draw
  22. Draw and shade a character
  23. Draw and shade a children’s toy
  24. Draw and shade a board game piece
  25. Draw and shade a hat!
  26. What is surrealism?
  27. Draw and shade a seashell
  28. Draw and shade something shiny
  29. Draw and shade a clock
  30. Draw and shade a pool toy
  31. Free Draw

Beginning Projects:

Project 1:
Create your personal sketchbook (You are responsible for bringing in a snack box, cereal box or folder for the cover of your sketchbook.

Project 2:
Learn the Elements and Principles of Art and Design
Elements and Principles PowerPoint

Project 3: 
Black and White Still Life (Bold contrast and simple forms)


Project 4:
Oldenburg 3D Project (Applying the techniques of shape and form to make a 3D form)


Project 5:
Unbirthday Artist Box (Paint the box in the influenced artist's style and bring in 3-5 objects that your artist would appreciate...along with a short bio)
Unbirthday Box Assignment Info


Project 6:
Printmaking Animal Project
Lino Block Demo

Project 7: 
Oil Pastel Christmas Drawing
Oil Pastel Christmas Drawing.pdf

Project 8:
Banners of the Bible
Acrylic layered church banner info


Project 8:
Doodle-4-Google Art History
Google template


Project 9: 
Personal Colored Pencil Rendering (Applying the colored pencil layering techniques learned in class, students will create a 2D drawing of a 3D object.)
Colored Pencil Techniques

Project 10:
Childhood Painting 


Project 11:
Self Portrait