Ceramics/Adv. Ceramics

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Dear Parents and Students:

Welcome to Ceramics. With your cooperation we will work together to provide the best possible learning environment in which the student is successful.

Course Description:

This course emphasizes design with hand building and mechanical techniques using clay.  Through the application of the elements of color, line, form, shape, space, texture and value to good design and composition student will experiment with clay to create original works of art. Subject matter will include hand built work as well as thrown work on the provided wheels. Students will be exposed to professional masters' work and learn fundamentals of art criticism and evaluation. 

Ceramics Syllabus
Advanced Ceramics Syllabus

Basics of Ceramics/Introduction
Intro to Ceramics

Test Tiles
Bisque Firing Process
Glazing Procedures
Final Firing

Identification Stamps
Leaving your Mark PPT

Pinch Pots - basic

Japanese Tea Bowls - 
ceramics-japanese tea bowls.pdf
Include a texture and a foot.

Slab Tiles (Relief) - 
Slab Tiles Relief.pdf
Have at least 5 different ideas combined on your slab.

Coil Pots - 
Coil Pot Demonstration
Coil Pots Handout
Minimum requirements: 8 inches tall, 4 inches wide
3 thumbnails with different techniques and chosen glazes

Monster Mugs -  Mug Handout
monster mugs.pdf

Slab Houses
slab houses.pdf

Cylinder Vases - 

Bible Verse Imagery -
bible verse imagery in clay.pdf

Ceramic Lanterns - 
Lanterns Handout

How to Throw (on a wheel) - 
Throwing Demo
Throwing Sheet

How to Trim - 
trimming a foot.pdf

Industrial Box - 
Ceramics - Industrial Vessel.pdf

Grecian Urn/Pop Can - 
grecian pop cans.pdf

Food in clay - 
food in clay.pdf

Sgraffito Vase - 
Sgraffito Vase.pdf

Pitcher/Teapot - 

A set of identical bowls or cups

Extra projects (depending on the pace of the class) - 
   -Artist Sculpture
   -Word association piece
   -Combo piece (choose different techniques and combine them into a    
    functional form)