Intermediate Drawing and Painting

Contact info: Miss Brittany Mikeska - 816.241.5478 - [email protected]

Dear Parents and Students:

Welcome to Intermediate Drawing & Painting. With your cooperation we will work together to provide the best possible learning environment in which the student is successful.

Course Description:

This course emphasizes drawing and painting techniques and media and application of the elements of color, line, form, shape, space, texture and value to good design and composition. Experimentation with a variety of materials will be encouraged. Subject matter will include landscape, still life, portrait/figure and abstracts. Students will be exposed to professional masters' work and learn fundamentals of art criticism and evaluation. Successful completion of Beginning Drawing & Painting is a prerequisite. (Grades 10-12)

Intermediate Syllabus

Intermediate Sketchbook Topics

Project 1:
Create your personal sketchbook (Bring a folder, cereal box or snack box)


Project 2:
Skull Drawing - Redefining technical skills with contrast


Project 3:
Ebony and Colored Pencil Still Life


Project 4:
Famous Artist Self Portraits


Project 5:
Mixed Media/Watercolor


Project 6:
Freedom Project 
Students will create a project based off of the word "Freedom". They're allowed to choose any medium of their 
liking to create a successful representation of the word "Freedom". 

Project 7:
Comic Strip Creations


Project 8:
Live Painting Research Project


Project 9:
Collage/Mixed Media


Project 10: 
Wood-burning/Pyrography Project