English 3

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English 3

Miss Stelmachowicz
Room: 103
Email: [email protected]

Course Description: Students will study several representative works of literary merit from various genres and periods. English 3 is designed to continue to develop students’ reading and writing skills. Literature includes novels, dramas, short-stories, and non-fiction. In addition to reading, discussing, and analyzing the texts, students will also engage in both formal and informal writing.

Goals/Objectives: Throughout this course students will
1. Develop writing skills through daily journal exercises
2. Continue to develop reading capabilities
3. Identify, study, and compare literary techniques in works
4. Create different types of writing
5. Learn to produce logical and coherent writing
6. Carefully observe a work’s structure, style, and themes as well as the social and historical values it reflects and embodies
7. Develop an appreciation of different genres of literature
8. READ, comprehend and discuss works we study

Methods: The instructor will
- Facilitate discussion
- Assign in-class writing prompts
- Write along with students and share strategies
- Give assignments to be worked on both in and out of class
- Be available for feedback, questions, concerns, and encouragement


- Daily Homework – 35%
- Papers – 25%
- Daily Participation – 15%
- Quizzes – 10%
- Tests – 15%

- Late Work: Late work will have a negative impact on student grades. Due dates will be clearly communicated. Students not completing work by the due date will receive a reduction in score. Absences due to illness, emergency, etc. will be given additional time to complete assignments as determined on a case-by-case basis.
- Academic Honesty: Every student will be expected to produce his or her OWN work. Anyone caught plagiarizing or cheating will have a meeting with me to discuss the situation. Plagiarism can take many forms. Please ask any questions about citing works, websites, people, etc. to avoid this infraction.
- Extra Credit: I do not offer extra credit in this course. However, I do allow students to redo writing assignments to improve their work and possibly their grade on the given assignment.
- Electronics: The use of electronics is only permitted with direct permission from the instructor.

Distance Learning: If at home/online learning is required the course will be available on Google Classroom. More details to follow.

1st and 2nd Semester Instructional Materials (always subject to change):
- The Catcher in the Rye
- Frankenstein
- Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

- Jane Eyre
- 1984
- Othello
- Twelfth Night

- Rebecca

Daily Materials:
- A notebook for English 3 only
- Writing Utensils (pen or pencil)
- Book we are currently reading
- Any completed homework that is due