Old Testament

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Old Testament

Miss Stel
Email: [email protected] Room: 103

Course Description: OT Theology is a course which focuses on the “story” of the Old Testament. By reading the major narrative of the Old Testament and discussion of key theological topics found there, students will learn the history of God’s plan of salvation as it unfolds and culminates with Jesus’ death and resurrection. This course includes the events and people that God used in order to carry out His redemptive plan and will help the student see the relevance of the Old Testament to their lives of faith.

Course Goals and Objectives:
The students who successfully complete the course will…
 Read and understand the story of the Old Testament.
 Investigate the Old Testament story to see how Jesus is the focus (salvation history—His Story).
 Learn how God graciously kept His promises to His people.
 Explore the relationship between the Bible’s story and your story: walk with God, faith, life, etc.
 Improve knowledge and understanding of the Bible and Christian teaching.

Students will complete
 The reading of Genesis, Exodus, Joshua, Judges, 1&2 Samuel as well as major portions of the rest of the Old Testament.
 Demonstrate an understanding of significant theological themes, such as: Law/ Gospel, sin/grace, redemption, Messianic/typological prophecy, creation, the problem of evil/suffering, the significance of the temple, land, kingship, and people, and several others.
 Being able to proficiently identify the correlation between key OT themes and contemporary issues
 Be able to identify specific Hebrew customs or laws that Jesus fulfilled/clarified in His ministry.

The instructor will
 Lecture
 Facilitate discussion on theological concepts
 Assign in class and out of class reading assignments, reading notes, reflection questions, and other kinds of homework
 Make use of video and other media

Required Materials
- A notebook or binder used only for this class
- Loose leaf notebook paper
- A Bible – ESV
- Something to write with

- Late Work: Late work will affect a student grade negatively. Please communicate clearly and effectively if you are falling behind in the class.
- Plagiarism: Cheating is not tolerated in this classroom. Every student will be expected to produce his or her OWN work. Anyone caught plagiarizing or cheating will have a meeting with me to discuss the situation. Plagiarism can take many forms. Don’t do it. Academic honesty is a must.
- Cellphones: Students earn the right to carry their phone during school by keeping a 2.5 GPA or better. Those with phone rights will not allow their device to distract classmates or themselves from learning. Students should keep phones put away unless they are told they may be used for a certain assignment on the given day.
- Tardiness: Students will be in the classroom before the bell rings. Each unexcused tardy will be logged with the office and impact the participation scores in this class. If your previous class went long, get a note from
your teacher.

Students will be evaluated quarterly on
 Involvement and participation in daily classroom learning…..15%
 Completion of homework and in-class assignments…..35%
 Reading Quizzes…..15%
 Tests……25%
 Quarter Projects….10%
 The final exam is worth 20% of the semester grade.

Basic Classroom Procedures:
1. Be here. This means be here physically, be here mentally, and be prepared for class to occur.
2. Show respect. This means respect your peers. Respect your teachers. Treat the Bible and other materials kindly. Respect the learning environment. Finally, respect yourself, your own abilities and do not sell yourself short.
3. There is a time and a place. This means OT Theology class is the time and a place for OT Theology class. Do not do outside work during class.