Yearbook 2023-2024

Yearbook Class Syllabus


Miss Stelmachowicz

Email: [email protected]

Mac Lab – 105

Course Description

  • Yearbook is a course that helps students develop their writing and organizational skills independently, yet in a supervised environment. Students get a sense of ownership as they work together to produce the school yearbook. It takes a variety of roles to create this publication; students will be required to fulfill the expectations of their roles in the areas of writing, photography, designing, editing, sales and marketing to name a few. Students will also be expected to meet specific deadlines throughout the year.


  • Students will be able to…
    • Learn how to recognize and develop memorable stories and information.
    • Conduct effective interviews and surveys, and accurately report the results.
    • Learn basic principles of photography, identify quality photos, and create interesting captions.
    • Edit writing and layouts for consistency
    • Design a balanced and aesthetic layout effectively using white space, photos and copy.
    • Help create, develop, and edit the school yearbook using the elements of good journalism and Jostens Yearbook Avenue program.
    • Understand the various roles of yearbook staff members
    • Adhere to deadlines in the publication

    Class Activities

  • Brainstorming discussions
  • Assignments geared toward helping students be effective writers, interviewers, photographers, editors, organizers, etc.
  • Creating and completing designated pages of the yearbook through Jostens Yearbook Avenue
  • Working independently on copy and pages
  • Working collaboratively on articles or projects
  • Taking pictures at school events
  • Saving, storing and organizing photos

    Classroom Policies

  • Be on time. Students in this class need to use their time very productively.
  • Be ready to work and learn by coming prepared every day. Have all necessary supplies – pens, binder, homework, flash drives, etc.
  • Be aware of DEADLINES! This class is unique in that we are a team. We work together to produce an outcome: yearbook. Don't let your procrastination effect the team!(Your grade will suffer if you do not meet deadlines.)


  • Pen or pencil
  • Folder/Binder
  • Paper or Spiral Notebook


  • Homework/Class work
  • Copy/Quotes/Photos
  • Deadlines