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Mike Gosalia

Hello My Name Is...

Mr. Gosalia

Mike Gosalia received his Bachelor of Arts in English Language & Literature from The University of Chicago in 2003 and his Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from Pacific Lutheran University in 2022. Dedicating his thirties and early forties to the written word, he has published a novel and a short story in a small, independent press and journal. These works helped to develop his view of spirituality (essentially a Catholic view), which took many years.

Mike believes incorporating Jesus Christ’s teachings in education is vital to students’ health—without spiritual development and understanding, knowledge means very little. Only our soul is eternal, so it is paramount that we cultivate a give and take relationship with God while we’re here on Earth so that we can attain a deeper understanding of our purpose in the universe. Aside from reading and editing works of literature through his online literary journal, The Tomahawk Creek Review, Mike enjoys composing songs on his guitar and piano and playing tennis with his friends.