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English 2 Syllabus

English 2A,D,&F Syllabus

Fall Semester 2023

Mr. Gosalia

Course Description

English 2 is an extension of English 1. Students will read, interpret, evaluate, and criticize literature as they did in English 1. The focus of English 2 is a chronological examination of American Literature. Students will explore the voice of America as it develops from its early settlers to modern day Americans. Students will take tests and write essays to demonstrate their understanding, analysis, and interpretation of studied material. Writing skills and techniques will continue to be taught and developed—we will focus on the critical and creative essay. Weekly vocabulary exercises will be given for ACT preparation.

Goals and Outcomes

The fabric of our human experience is recorded in literature. If we want to learn and improve ourselves from what others have seen and done, we should study what others have written. If you do your assignments, pay attention in class, participate, you will see an improvement in your reading comprehension and writing skills. These skills will help you to think clearly and make sound judgments and decisions throughout your life. Literature is a means for intellectual, aesthetic, and spiritual growth—it will foster your creativity and social awareness.


Quarter 1 - 40%

Quarter 2 - 40%

Final exam - 20%

Each quarter will be comprised of two tests, weekly vocabulary assignments, and an essay. The essay will be worth 40%, the vocab assignments 20%, and the tests 40% (2 tests, 20% each). You can rewrite your essay up to two times. You won’t necessarily get a better grade if you rewrite it, but I will average your initial grade with your rewrites to give you a final score. If you decide to rewrite and follow my comments in your paper, you should be able to improve it. So, say you get an 82% first grade, then an 89% on your first rewrite, and then a 95% on your second, your average grade will be an 89%. You are not required to do rewrites.


Bring a notebook and a pen to class along with your assigned books and textbook.


 Assignments will be written on the board each week. Write them down in your notebook and complete them at home or in study hall.