Roxanne Reimer

Hello My Name Is...

Sra. Roxanne Reimer






·      My name is Sra. Roxanne Reimer.

·      My job at The Lutheran High School of Kansas City is Spanish I Teacher. 

·      This is my third year teaching at LHS.  I have a BA in English with a minor in Spanish & Graduate coursework towards my MAE in Education. I studied and played soccer at Truman State University. 

·      The members of my family include my husband Brad, my son David (Sr. at LHS) , my son Christopher (Jr. at LHS) & my cats Mali, Izzy, Stripes, Oliver (indoors), and Oscar & Lawrence (outdoors). 

·      My best childhood school memory is my soccer team winning a penalty shootout with me as the goalkeeper to win the Turkey Tournament.

·      My favorite Bible story is the story of Ruth.

·      My favorite Bible verse is Romans 8:28. 

·      The person or people I would most like to meet would be Jesus and the US Women’s National Team.

·      My favorite foods are Mexican & Italian. 

·      Someone I admired was my Grandpa John & my Grandma Neumiller. 

·      My favorite type of music is Contemporary Christian, but we listen to most types of music. 

·      My favorite type of book to read would be fiction - Literature, SciFi, Fantasy, or anything by Stephen King.

·      The best part of being a Christian is knowing I am loved & forgiven because Jesus paid the price for my sines & I know how my story ends.

·      For fun, I like to play & coach volleyball, play & watch soccer, and spend time with my family.