Advanced Drawing and Painting

Contact info: Miss Brittany Mikeska - 816.241.5478 - [email protected]

Dear Parents and Students:

Welcome to Advanced Drawing & Painting. With your cooperation we will work together to provide the best possible learning environment in which the student is successful.

Course Description:

This course serves as a dual credit and is designed for students who have successfully completed Intermediate Drawing & Painting and have demonstrated effective modes of problem solving with insight and reason as they relate to the art form. Experimentation and working from life will be stressed as well as art history and art criticism. Portfolio preparation for college and entry into competitive shows will be encouraged. (Grades 11-12)

Advanced Syllabus

Advanced Sketchbook Topics

Project 1:
Create your personal sketchbook

Project 2:
Skeleton Drawing - Contrast rendering with the use of shading highlights instead of lowlights


Project 3:
Autumn Watercolor - Advanced techniques using layering and masking of watercolor


Project 4:
Poem/Book Illustration - through he use of digital media students will build up layers to create the background image for the poem and overlay the text for the completed project.


Project 5:
Pen and Ink Architecture Drawing
Students will create an image of a high contrast building through the use of pen and ink techniques learned in class.

Project 6:

"Natural Disaster" Project


Project 7:
Self Portrait (Career/Passion-cardboard, paint, charcoal)


Project 8:
Abstracted Painting


Project 10: 
Tape Sculpture

Project 11:  
Art History Chairs