Contact info: Mrs Brittany Mathews - 816.241.5478 - [email protected]

Dear Parents and Students:

Welcome to Portfolio. With your cooperation we will work together to provide the best possible learning environment in which the student is successful.

Course Description:

Portfolio is a class that will allow the students to understand more in depth the idea of a studio artist as well as the freedom to explore their specialized area of interest. This class is also built upon the ideas of the student as an individual; the projects, deadlines, and the student in each case will choose topics.

 Portfolio Sketchbook Topics
  1. Draw and shade a trumpet
  2. Draw and shade a baby monster
  3. Draw and shade conflict of interests
  4. Draw and shade more than meets the Eye (I)
  5. Draw and shade something warped
  6. Draw and shade a nightmares/other worlds
  7. Draw and shade some of your habits
  8. Draw and shade the seasons
  9. Draw procrastination
  10. Draw and shade the End
  11. Free draw and shade
  12. Draw something that cannot be turned off
  13. Draw and shade balance
  14. Draw and shade the phrase “home is where...” and finish where it is for you
  15. Draw and shade something that has glitter
  16. Draw and shade something with layers
  17. Draw and shade something transparent
  18. Draw and shade me, myself, and I (eye)
  19. Draw something broken
  20. Draw and shade the senses
  21. Free draw and shade
  22. Draw and shade this phrase “It's not easy being green”
  23. Draw and shade this phrase “Color outside the lines”
  24. Draw and shade “Hot and cold”
  25. Draw a crazy form of transportation
  26. Draw and shade this phrase ‘Black and White & red all over “
  27. Draw and shade a sunset
  28. Draw and shade something metallic 
  29. Draw moving water
  30. Draw something that should’ve been invented by now
Competition Dates to work towards:
Tim Murphy - submit by early October
 Museum Regional High School Exhibition - submit by early February

Portfolio Projects: 

Project 1:
Create your personal sketchbook (Bring a cereal box, snack box or folder)

Project 2:
Create your plan for the year along with your timeline of events


*The entire class will be dedicated to the individual creating their final portrait. Not only will the student have their physical portfolio, but they will also have a digital portfolio they can share with colleges, family, and friends.