Applied Christianity Syllabus


Applied Christianity
Course #423
.5 Religion credit per semester
Paula Meier, Instructor
[email protected]


Course Description

Students in this course will share their faith in Christ through the creation and presentation of weekly devotions and chapel services at Lutheran High, as well as chapels at the Lutheran elementary schools.  Students in this course will be encouraged to be active leaders in their congregations now and future leaders in the church at large. 

Course Objectives

 Students who successfully complete the course will . . .

· Improve their understanding and appreciation for worship
Improve their confidence in writing and leading worship,                               prayers and devotions
Expand their ability to talk about their faith and actively                                 witness of their faith in God.
·Improve their leadership skills
·Increase their confidence and ability in public speaking



Students will . . .

  • · Plan, organize and lead weekly chapels at Lutheran High School

    · Plan, organize and lead chapels at area Lutheran elementary schools

    · Lead class devotions

    · Memorize Scripture

    · Write about and share their faith

Materials Needed


  • Bible (Actual, physical Bible, much-preferred) (Translation can be student-choice)

  • Bible Concordance - Must match your preferred Bible
  • 1-1/2 inch three ring binder
  • Supplemental materials provided by instructor: 

          Worship—The Lutheran Difference by Stephen P. Mueller



Observed performance at weekly chapel services and elementary chapels – 40%

Leading Devotions – 10%

Writing Assignments – 20%

Memory Work – 30%