Welcome to Mrs. Hizer's Biology class!
First semester
Aug 15th- Oct 11th  Topic/unit: Unit 1: The Nature of Life and Unit 3: Cells: includes the following concepts:  scientific method, defining life, cell structure and function, photosynthesis, cellular respiration, cell structure and function.

Oct 14th-Dec 19th  Topic/unit: Unit 4: Genetics and Unit 2: Ecology: includes the following concepts: intro to genetics, DNA/RNA, genetic engineering, biosphere, ecosystems and communities, populations, humans in the biosphere

Second semester
Jan 28th-March 27th Topic/unit: Unit 6: Microorganisms/Fungi and Unit 8: Invertebrates:  includes the following concepts: bacteria/viruses, protists, fungi, sponges/cnidarians, worms and mollusks, arthropods/echinodems, comparing invertebrates

March 30th-May 22nd Topic/unit: Unit 9: Chordates and Unit 7: Plants: includes the following concepts: non vertebrate chordates, fishes/amphibians, reptiles/birds, mammals, comparing chordates, animal behavior, plant diversity, roots/stems/leaves, reproduction of seed plants, plant responses/adaptations