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Period: B
Teacher: Mr. Olson
Email: [email protected]

Course Description:
This class covers all the main topics in personal finance which are intended to instruct teens in planning to live an independent life. It covers topics in career planning, money management, saving and investing, buying decisions and debt/credit.

Methods: Lecture, textbook reading, discussions, projects and videos.

Materials: The majority of the coursework will be through the textbook series "Personal Financial Literacy" (McGraw-Hill publishing, 2023) Calculators will be needed occasionally for basic math.  The instructor will inform students if other tools or materials are needed.

Grading: Class participation, quizzes, tests and projects.  Most of the time, students will be given an opportunity at the end of class to complete assignments.  Provided that their time is spent wisely, actual work to complete at home will be minimal.

Student Objectives:
Students will be able to:
- Demonstrate a good understanding of career planning
- Distinguish different techniques for being successful in a job or career
- Describe healthy financial habits
- Relate financial goal setting to creating a budget
- Describe the basic concepts involved in checking/savings accounts
- Discuss the importance of saving early
- Distinguish different investment options and relate them to risks and rewards
- Describe different influences on buying decisions (needs vs. wants)
- Distinguish between different options for transportation
- Compare and contrast renting and owning property
- Discuss decisions that relate to the purchase of necessities
- Describe the rights and responsibilities of the customer

Sample Projects

- Balancing/Managing checking accounts
- Shopping for an automobile, buying a house
- Comparing loan interest rates "what can I afford?"
- The dangers of credit cards and payday loans
- Living "within your means"