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Confidential Application for Financial Aid

The Financial Aid Program of Lutheran High School of Kansas City is designed to provide aid for people who wish to attend Lutheran High School and who have financial need. The grant, when issued, is applied to tuition correlating to the family’s payment schedule.

The Financial Aid Program is open by application to all students who have enrolled at Lutheran High School of Kansas City. Families who receive financial aid are required to assist the school 1 hour for every $50 of assistance. Most common ways to complete these hours are at our home sporting events by taking gate, helping at concessions, or assisting at the score table. 

Application must be received by May 15th with responses released by June 15th. The awarding of grants is carried out by the Finance Committee.

Parents must complete an application each year that aid is desired. Financial assistance is awarded on the basis of need, so each application includes financial information to be completed b the parents. Please send a copy of your 1040 Tax Return to the school to complete the application process. Failure to submit a copy of the 1040 Federal Tax Return voids the application.