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The SCOIR College Network


The SCOIR College Network

The SCOIR College Network is a comprehensive website that students and parents can use to plan for college and future careers. SCOIR is free for students and parents to use. SCOIR helps students do research on colleges. SCOIR also helps students select a college that is best for the student and family. 

The SCOIR College Network was founded on the belief that students are more than their SATs and GPAs and that colleges are more than their rankings. SCOIR is leading a revolution to transform the college admissions process from a short-term, quantitative transaction to a long-term, qualitative engagement.

Features of The SCOIR College Network include:

1. Research various colleges that fit your academic and co-curricular interests.

2. Learn more about campus life.

3. Understand the cost of college.

4. Keep track of your colleges of interest and where you have applied.

5. Take a career interest exam.

The SCOIR College Network also allows our school to share information with students and parents about upcoming meetings, events, scholarships, and other resources for college and careers. To learn more, follow this link:  https://www.scoir.com/